Is Mineral Makeup Good For Your Skin?


Mineral make-up is completely on trend and there are various cosmetic brands releasing their lines of mineral make-up. There are claims of it being healthier, more effective and better for sensitive skin as it is composed of better elements. But there is a mixed response from people who have used the mineral make-up on their skin. To try mineral make-up you can opt for reputed brands such as the Jane Iredale line, considered to be one of the best brands in this category. Even some beauty salons and medical spas suggest the use of the mineral make-up for all types of skin. continue reading…


5 Tips for a Low Cost Trip to Italy

Trevi Fountain

Planning a low cost trip to Italy is possible. The Italians themselves, so typically ingenious and sage, usually adopt some simple tricks to save when traveling in their country. Without giving up the amazing landscapes and monuments of the Bel Paese. Well, this is what we want to offer you, with 5 tips for a low cost trip to Italy, so that even your holidays can be cheap … and chic! continue reading…


Reducing the Appearance of Marks And Patches On Your Skin

So many people are troubled by skin problems that affect their beauty appeal, but believe that they cannot be cured and they have to live with ugly marks for the rest of their lives. However, they are mistaken. All the major skin problems such as patches, stretch marks and cellulite, can be improved. All we need to do is to adapt ourselves in a healthy lifestyle and take suitable precautions and steps. continue reading…


Fashionista on a Budget

By Deej Walit

Being a fashionista does not necessarily mean splurging on designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. Designer labels can be pretty pricey so not everyone can afford them. But just because you don’t have the money to buy such expensive brands doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. A true fashionista has a keen eye for awesome and stylish pieces regardless of the tag price. You can be a fashionista on a budget. continue reading…


Buy Cheap, Buy Twice – Top 5 Ways to Avoid Failling into this Trap

Pennies may be obsolete, but the phrase “penny wise and pound foolish” from our grandmothers’ generation still reminds us that cheap is not always economical. We scrimp and save every penny, but then we buy mindlessly, with little thought of whether what we’re buying is actually cost-effective.  Think about it – does this apply to you, today?

Let’s look at some practical tips on how not to fall into this trap. continue reading…


Dressing in Style on a Budget

With the economy in the state of affairs it is in these days, it is no wonder that individuals everywhere are looking to create something out of nothing. Saving money on food by clipping coupons, carpooling, and shopping at thrift stores have become the norm rather than the exception. Fashion is no different. You can absolutely dress your best in so many creative ways without breaking your budget by shopping off the beaten path, and walk away with cute accessories, hot dresses, even something worth passing on for future generations. continue reading…


Memorable Baby Shower Gifts for under $25

It’s a difficult task trying to find the right gift for a baby shower. The perfect baby shower gift should be unique and have a personal touch to make it extra special. Here are a few brilliant gift ideas, all for under $25, that will help you get a memorable baby shower gift: continue reading…


How To Shop On A Limited Budget

Vacation season is fast approaching, and most of us just wish that we can have a little more than what we currently have in our pockets. I mean, it’s summer… it’s the time to go out and be seen by everyone. You wouldn’t want to be caught like a deer in headlights when you meet an old friend at the beach, looking drab in the same clothes that you owned three years ago, right? continue reading…


The Best Ways To Shop The Sales Online

For the budget-conscious fashionista, finding deals is a priority. Luckily, the Internet makes this process much easier. Today there are private boutiques online where in-the-know shoppers go to get their springtime pumps and bed linen fixes. Curious to snag a deal for yourself? These are four of the best ways to shop for discounts online. continue reading…


Bits and Tips about Cashmere. Everything You Need to Know and More…

When you say fashion, luxury or style what comes to mind? Cashmere of course! Just saying the word cashmere is so lush and luxurious. Cashmere is the most fashionable fiber out on the market. It was worn by royalty back when it was first discovered. Only royalty could afford to indulge in cashmere. continue reading…