May has snuck up on us once again. With the heat growing and flowers popping up, it is hard to deny that summer is just around the corner. This means you can pack your wool sweaters in mothballs for a few months, and break out the newest spring and summer trends. With bright, eye-catching styles in season, it should not be a hard transition away from the winter blues.

High-low Hems

This hemline trend for skirts and dresses adds a bit of sass to any outfit. This style features hems that start high in the front – typically around between the mid thigh down to the knee – and get longer as the skirt moves to the back. This creates an interesting look from the front and gives the skirt or dress a gorgeous flow from behind. The style is worn best with heels, and is an incredible way to jazz up a simple outfit.


You can find bright colors in nearly every type of clothing. Don’t worry – the style isn’t hearkening to the ’80s. These brights are not neons, but are just bold primary colors, like purples and blues. Snag a few solid colored jeans or a sundress to join the trend. Color blocking is part of this trend and looks amazing in two-toned skirts or shoes.

Purple Eye Shadow

The neutral eye shadows are meant for the dull winter months. Spring and summer are calling for purple eye shadow swept across the lids. A benefit of this trend is that purple highlights and flatters nearly all eye colors. Opt for pastel lavenders for a romantic, subdued look, or brush on bold eggplant shades for a night out.

Midriff Shirts

You haven’t been seeing kids stuck in the ’90s – it’s just that one of the most popular styles from this era has been resurrected. Midriff tops are back, but they’ve luckily brought some shyness with them. The style of shirts is being paired with high-rise bottoms or flirty tank tops. This eliminates the flash of stomach, making it a much more accessible trend for many more people.

Floral Prints

Prints are very much in style and floral prints are the most popular. Flowers are sprawling across skirts, rompers, dresses, and blouses. Much of the prints feature bold flowers, rather than the romantic variety, making it a fun twist on a classic. Another great way to get in on the trend is through subtle stud earrings that feature bright buds.


Liz Childers loves trying trends, like florals, that can last long after it has lost its trendy appeal. She is a freelance blogger, who writes about a variety of topics including the benefits of hanging a hammock in the woods rather than staking a camping tent.