Mineral make-up is completely on trend and there are various cosmetic brands releasing their lines of mineral make-up. There are claims of it being healthier, more effective and better for sensitive skin as it is composed of better elements. But there is a mixed response from people who have used the mineral make-up on their skin. To try mineral make-up you can opt for reputed brands such as the Jane Iredale line, considered to be one of the best brands in this category. Even some beauty salons and medical spas suggest the use of the mineral make-up for all types of skin.

Mineral Make-up and Effects

Mineral make-up contains Bismuth Chloride, titanium dioxide and even zinc oxide and they are responsible for the shimmer and the matte look it gives you. Mineral make-up has proved to be a much lighter and more effective make-up for some people who have tried it, but there are also reported cases of irritation and skin break outs. People who are prone to skin irritation and acne have reportedly experienced them with the use of mineral make-up, although there are also such people who haven’t experienced these problems. So the debate on mineral make-up is actually much more of a personal suitability question. There are claims that mineral make-up is better because the minerals get to work on your wrinkles and pores. Such mineral make-up also contains virgin soil, which has properties that are reportedly good for your skin. However, all these claims actually depend on your skin; as if the active ingredients are not suitable for your skin type then you won’t feel any of the benefits.

It is possible to conclude that relative to many of the chemical based make-up products that are available, mineral make-up is on the whole a better product, containing better ingredients; but as with anything, it is not a miracle cure for problem skin.

State and Presence

Mineral make-up is being marketed by many cosmetic brands as a revolutionary product that has great benefits; but whilst mineral make-up is better because of its light application, fine powdered state and better contents, nothing more than this can be attributed to this product, despite the hype.

This type of make-up is not just flying off the shelves because of this message; it is also as a result of people becoming more cautious about using make-up with a chemical base. Products containing harmful chemicals and contents are thought to damage the skin with their application. Taking advantage of this notion, there are numerous products being launched that are claiming to be better with the presence of the minerals.

Mineral based make-up products are not harmful, but as a consumer you must understand their limitations and usage. No make-up that effective that it will immediately cure the skin of problems and some sensitive skin types can still react to even natural ingredients.

Mineral make-up whether used or not, must be bought from reputed brands, so that they are trustworthy and you do not risk unknown contents that cause irritation and other problems. The skin is a very sensitive part of the body and you must not subject it to harmful and string mineral or chemical based cosmetics if you want it to remain beautiful.


Author Bio: Jason Phillips, a 40 year old guy, contributes freelance editorships covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle in print, video and online. He has also worked as a consultant and copywriter for a number of retail brands.