When summertime hits, sometimes we need a little bit of a push to shake of the winter doldrums. Since you spend a great deal of time in your home, making little changes to your home décor is a great way to make the transition. Opting for the subtle details or easy additions to your home keeps the changes affordable. Here are a few ways you can include a bit of summer in your décor.


For a fun way to change the style of an entire room, grab a slipcover for your couch. Couches tend to be the focal point of living spaces because they take up so much space, and families spend a great deal of time using it. If this is the case in your home, the rest of the room likely follows the style pattern of the couch. Putting a slipcover over the couch, therefore, can entirely alter the feeling of the room. Buy a cover that utilizes the same color palette as the rest of the room, but opt for a softer hue or more summery pattern. A slipcover can also be a couch-saver if you have kids who will be diving on the furniture after a long day sweating in the sun or swimming in the pool.

Area Rug

Rugs are the other interior design feature that can act as the focal point for a room. If you have oriental rugs or wall-to-wall carpet, this can give a room a cozy, warm feeling for most of the year. In the summer, though, these styles get a bit too heavy. Lighten the room with a light area rug in a bamboo weave or a subtle floral pattern. This also gives you a chance to give your year-round carpets or rugs a good deep cleaning.


Lampshades are like accessories for your home because they are easily changed out and stored. If you choose shades that match the style, shape, and color of your lamp base, then your options for “accessorizing” are endless. Go for a fun pattern or another style that might not normally make its way into your décor.


After the dark of winter, it is time to let the sun shine into your home. A nice set of curtains looks beautiful pulled to the side or draped over windows and is accented by the summer sun. If privacy is not an issue, gauzy, lightweight curtains can highlight the light and add beautiful color tones to a room. If you need to have curtains that block an outside view, opt for light fabrics, like linen, in summertime shades that still fit your décor.

Bed Linens

Your bedding is often changed out with the seasons, no matter what. Flannel sheets are switched for standard cotton sheets and duvets come out of comforter covers when we don’t need protection from the cold. However, by changing to an entirely new, summertime bedspread, you can bring your bedroom into the new season in style.


As someone who works from home, Liz Childers loves making subtle changes in décor to keep her apartment feeling fresh and seasonal. She blogs about a variety of topics, including whittling with a Spyderco knife during the summer or packing food into a picnic basket for a fun springtime dinner.