When you say fashion, luxury or style what comes to mind? Cashmere of course! Just saying the word cashmere is so lush and luxurious. Cashmere is the most fashionable fiber out on the market. It was worn by royalty back when it was first discovered. Only royalty could afford to indulge in cashmere. Cashmere is also very expensive, even though if you want to buy a cheaper cashmere item, and you are patient the end of a cold season is the best time to get a discount and finally own an amazing stylish cashmere piece of clothing. There are so many styles and types and colors of cashmere clothes. Anything from sweaters, to shirts and jackets, to pants and shawls, socks and tank tops…

Every one person should own at least one piece of cashmere. Even if it is just a scarf, it will be the most amazing piece of clothing you will ever own. It will keep you warm during the winter and will keep you cool during the sunny days. Cashmere is very strong fabric and will last you for many, many years. Of course, you have to take care of your cashmere, but relax, that is also very easy. Every item that has great quality should specify it on the tag of the clothing. It should say where the cashmere comes from and if it is a mix or pure 100 % cashmere.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to care for such exquisite material. All you need is cashmere detergent, or a gentle shampoo or a baby shampoo, a basin of cool water and a couple of dry towels. Fill the basin with water, dissolve a little bit of detergent in it, dip the item and let it soak for a little bit. Swish it around a little bit and any accumulated dirt or spots should be gone. Do not rub the item together or it will lose its shape. Once it is washed run it under running water to rinse. Do not squeeze it or stretch it. Just lightly press it together to help the rinsing process. Once rinsed, again squeeze it lightly to remove the excess water and lay it out on one of the towels. Wrap it in a roll and gently twist the opposite ends of the towel. Then lay it out on the other clean towel and let it dry completely.

When you are choosing a cashmere sweater you need to know a few things. First you have to know that the cashmere sweater is the most popular cashmere item, that and the scarves and shawls. When you are choosing a sweater, you need to know the styles. There are a v-neck sweater and a u-neck sweater and cashmere cardigan sweaters for both men and women. Of course a turtle neck sweater is mostly for winter time, but the others you can wear at any time and any season. You can put on a cashmere cardigan over a cashmere sweater. If you like a v-neck better, that you can wear with a button up shirt under and get an instant professional look. The u-neck, however you can dress down with a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers. You also have vests for men and women. Those are pretty versatile as they can be worn for both casual and formal and business. Casual you can get by putting on a tee shirt under the vest and shorts. For a business look, put on a button up shirt and a pair of nice pants. Get a formal look by putting on a silk shirt under it and maybe a nice pencil skirt for the ladies. For the gentlemen great look will be a silk shirt and a tie under the vest that he can pair together with a nice pair of slacks.

Another choice for the ladies is a bolero or blouson sweater. Those gorgeous sweaters are made to show off. The bolero was used in Spain when it first came out in the 19th century as an accessory to the great dresses for the madams back then. It was only made to cover their shoulders and was decorated with jewels and colors. It was definitely just an evening wear. Over the years the style of the bolero changed although it can still be very creative, colorful and it comes in many, many styles.

Now let’s talk about the fun part; the scarves and shawls. There are literally hundreds of styles, shapes, colors and patterns. Every lady and every gentleman should have at least one scarf. You can wear them with anything in any season and any time. For the women, a scarf and a shawl can be like an accessory. A pure cashmere scarf will caress your neck or your shoulders. It will give you a luxurious feel. There are many ways you can wear a scarf or a shawl. The shawl you can use as a wrap by wrapping it around your shoulders or as a beach dress by tying it around your hips. Men can also get creative with their cashmere scarves. Just drop it around your neck, or wrap it around your neck for a cozy look and a warm feel.

Since cashmere’s natural color is tan and gray, it is really easy to die it in any color and pattern. This is the reason the colors you can find cashmere items are endless. There is a color for every individual and every personality and every occasion.

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