With the economy in the state of affairs it is in these days, it is no wonder that individuals everywhere are looking to create something out of nothing. Saving money on food by clipping coupons, carpooling, and shopping at thrift stores have become the norm rather than the exception. Fashion is no different. You can absolutely dress your best in so many creative ways without breaking your budget by shopping off the beaten path, and walk away with cute accessories, hot dresses, even something worth passing on for future generations.

Thrift Stores – Many years ago, the connotation of shopping in a thrift store was not a positive one. However, today, many women – and smart women at that – are utilizing thrift stores as their main staple for fashion purchases. There, you can find anything from vintage purses to business attire with designer labels on them for a fraction of the cost. Some items may simply have a missing button and for pennies on the dollar and just a few tweaks, you will have a hot new item for next to nothing.

Consignment Shops – Consignment shops are one of the best places to shop especially if you are seeking out dresses for special occasions. Consignment shops offer high-end fashion garments at affordable prices. Individuals who own expensive formal wear bring their garments in to a consignment shop rather than just have it sit in the closet when they no longer need that garment. This is a win-win situation as the owner gets to sell their more expensive garment and the buyer gets a fabulous new cocktail dress for a reasonable price.

Garage Sales – Unbelievably, you can find some amazing fashion merchandise at garage sales. You can snatch up a little black dress that only needs a little dry cleaning for a price that will have you smiling ear to ear. Some merchandise at garage sales is brand new with tickets still hanging from that garment.

Antique Shops – Vintage wear is making a comeback like wildfire these days. Not only is vintage wear affordable, it is timeless and eclectic. Perusing the racks of a vintage store is like going on a fashion adventure. Something that was once in Grandma’s attic is something that will be a treasure to you.

A Fashion Exchange – If you have a group of girlfriends that are in the same situation as you are – and who are not these days – perhaps consider hosting a girl’s night in fashion exchange wherein everyone brings a certain number of garments and those garments are traded equally among guests. You may have one female guest searching for a formal maternity dress that has been sitting around in your closet, while she may have a little black dress that will not be fitting her anywhere in the near future.

These are just some of the many ways that you can dress with style without tearing your budget apart.