So many people are troubled by skin problems that affect their beauty appeal, but believe that they cannot be cured and they have to live with ugly marks for the rest of their lives. However, they are mistaken. All the major skin problems such as patches, stretch marks and cellulite, can be improved. All we need to do is to adapt ourselves in a healthy lifestyle and take suitable precautions and steps.


Have you noticed the ugly fat deposits just beneath the surface of skin that make it look rough? This is cellulite. It predominantly occurs on the abdomen, limbs and pelvic region. The appearance of cellulite depends upon several factors such as the colour of your skin, hormonal changes, body fat, metabolism rate and lack of exercise. Cellulite has no relation to being overweight or underweight, although shedding osme weight through exercise can often reduce its appearance. Trying out creams and pills might not be a good idea as they might cause blood circulation problems or skin allergies.

Dark and light patches

Discolouration of skin can be the result of numerous issues. Extra exposure to sun or using rough sponges can be contributors. Any type of friction on the skin surface causes the protective cells of the epidermis layer to die, which in turn leads to the deposition a of amyloid (a type of protein) that forms dark patches. Poor hygiene can lead to fungal growth on the skin causing de-pigmentation. Use of artificial scrubbers on your body should be avoided. Ensure you bath or shower daily and never forget to dry yourself completely. To avoid the appearance of patches, you must be gentle with your skin. Loofas and sponges made of plant extracts should be used. Skin allergies relating to deodorants and perfumes need to be diagnosed by a dermatologist. Also make sure that the soaps or cleansers that you use match the Ph level of human skin (i.e. 5.5).

Spider veins

Have you ever noticed the blue or purple patterns appearing on your skin? These are most commonly found around the ankle and resemble a spider’s web. The major contributing factor to their appearance is abnormal blood flow and weak veins. Using tight fitting clothing and undergarments adds to the issue. Start wearing a calf stocking and do calf muscle exercises to channel the blood flow from the veins to your heart. Also try to keep your legs elevated while resting. Sclerotherapy can also be an option for you but don’t forget to consult a dermatologist before going for the procedure.

Stretch marks

Your skin thins out just like a plastic bag if it is stretched. Stretch marks are most common amongst people who drastically lose or put on weight. This happens especially with pregnant women, teenagers and adults who work out. The marks appear when collagen (which makes up to 75% of the skin) gets affected. Unhealthy lifestyle, wrong dietary habits, long exposure to ultra violet rays and ageing are just a few enemies of collagen. To treat stretch marks you need to up the intake of foods rich in vitamin C and E as they enhance the production of collagen. Skin should be kept well hydrated and nourished. Keeping the skin dry should be avoided as it is more prone to developing marks.

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