As we are approaching Valentine’s day, husband’s everywhere suddenly develop an interest in chocolate. What types of chocolate should I get, where should I get it from and how much should I spend are all questions racing through the minds of our ignorant counterparts.

Instead of settling for a box of anything from the local store, I am hoping my husband will have paid attention to the top tips that we recently heard from a top chef and will pull something exceptional out of the bag this year.

Chocolate works with some very surprising flavours, chilli, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, herbs such as basil and rosemary, caviar, blue cheese, and the list goes on and on – in fact it goes with so many things, sweet and savory.

One especially great combination is chocolate with dessert wine. This combination goes together really well, particularly when frozen to make a refreshing ice chocolate wine dessert.

To make it is simple – just bring the dessert wine to the boil and set fire to it. The flames burn off the alcohol, but keep in all of the flavour of the wine.

Then pour some hot (not boiling) milk over a bowl of milk chocolate and stir. Add the chocolate milk to the wine and allow to cool. This will help develop the flavour and the wine will react with the chocolate, making it go a little grainy. To get rid of the sediment, strain the mix through a muslin cloth and then freeze it. Once frozen you have a really special, rich yet light, chocolate dessert.

Failing that, we ladies will ALWAYS accept luxury handcrafted chocolates from Definitely Chocolate, if we absolutely must!